Regular clients are definitely the backbone of any great business!  If you can establish a stable of people who keep coming back to you over and over again you can be really successful.  Especially as a voice over artist!  So how do you keep those clients coming back to you?  The key is to provide them with the product they want and then always try to add a little something special. 

You want your clients to feel like they’re important to you.  Make them feel like they are your most important client!  And be genuine about this.  No reason not to be…you love the hands that feed you, LOL.  And there are many great ways to make your clients happy. 

Always keep an open and swift line of communication flowing.  I’ve discussed communication in several entries.  Your clients should never wonder if you got their message. 

Be fair about your pricing.  Especially for a long-term client.  I’m all about fair rates but I’m also about creating value.  If your client just hired you for 5 commercials and then needed a change on one of them the next day…don’t be so quick to ask for a pick up fee.  I’m not saying you should never get a pick up fee.  But every now and then throw your client a bone.  They will be way more apt to come back to you if they don’t feel like they’re getting nickel and dimed.

Try to be flexible about scheduling sessions.  I know…these days it seems like every voice over session is last minute.  Do your best to roll with it.  And if a client schedules a session and then needs to push that session last minute don’t sweat it.  This happens all the time.  It’s the way of the business.  As long as it doesn’t conflict with another session it’s all good.  Also, try to be available at odd hours…early in the morning if you live on the west coast…later at night if you live on the east coast. 

If you’re recording on your end for a live session make sure to get the files to the client as quickly as possible after the session is done.  Most of the time there’s no need to do any editing…send the session in full and get it out to the client within 10-15 minutes after the session ended.  If you’re recording all on your own make sure that you get the files out to the clients when promised.  And clients will love it when you get the files back sooner then promised.

If you’re doing an in person session…and I’ve mentioned this in other entries…always be on time which means be 15 to 20 minutes early.

During a live session your goal should be to mimic a very pliable piece of clay.  Another words you are easily moldable meaning…you take direction well.  If the client says to go up on a line…go up.  If they say to add a smile…smile away.  It’s their spot and your job is to help them deliver whatever message they choose.

At the end of the day it’s all about customer service.Keep your clients happy and you can pretty much rest assured they’ll keep you happy!Of course no client will last forever.No matter what you do eventually all gigs come to an end.But the length of that gig can range from weeks to decades.So always try to keep the train moving as long as you can.Now get out there and make those clients love working with you!