In every business, sport, hobby…there will always be a baseline norm.  A way to go about doing things that is considered by the authorities in any given thing to be right, or correct.  For example tennis players are taught from a very earlier stage the correct form or technique for swinging the racket.  Photographers who take classes about photographer can learn all about how to take what is considered a good picture.  And voice actors can study hard and learn all about the craft of voice over and what is considered to be both a technically and artistically sound delivery. 

But beyond the norm, beyond what the authorities profess as good technique…there is something greater.  Something that goes far beyond the status quo.  In voice over you will always be faced with the question of whether or not you choose to obey the rules of the status quo or choose to eventually find you own way.  Fitting in is easy.  It’s almost painless.  You’ll please those around you more often then not.  But will you ever actually create something…something so unique that you’ll innately know…it’s yours.  And only you can do it. 

It’s possible that within the confines of this sound that is your own…you’ll face backlash.  Some people might not like what you do.  Others might label you as odd or going against the grain.  But as I’ve mentioned in other entries, it is far greater to be loved and hated then simply liked. 

You’ve gotta be willing to think outside the box.  Be willing to do something that others might not think is right.  But if you’re being true to yourself…if you’re being authentic…you will absolutely find an audience for your work.  It may be tough, it may be uncomfortable at times.  Learning to go against the grain is never easy.  But eventually it could very well be the thing the helps you to establish a long and sustained career.

Remember that everything you learn, every class you take, every piece of direction you get…it’s all there for you to internalize and store however you see fit.Love something?Keep it within easy reach.Hate something?Put it at the bottom of your tool box or maybe even simply discard it.Your own personal style will reflect everything you’ve learned along the way.But eventually you will hopefully make the decision to do something that turns all that technique, all those classes, all those little tid bits of info…into something that you can truly and sincerely call your own.