Ever heard the saying in the entertainment biz that you only get one shot?  I’m sure a coach or a fellow voice talent has said that.  Maybe you’ve heard that if you send a bad demo or a bad audition the person on the receiving end may never ever give you the time of day again! 

When I first moved out to Los Angeles in 2002 I sent my demos(CD’s at the time) to every talent agent in town.  Not one of them called me for an interview.  I used to work with this client that every time we’d do a session it always seemed like they hated my work.  I also remember coaching with a voice over coach who seemed literally disgusted with my reads.  Years later…many of those agents who didn’t give me the time of day when I first started in voice over have since then offered me representation.  The client who I thought hated my work continued to use me for that same job for several years and sent me countless auditions for other jobs.  And that coach who seemed to hate my work has brought me in to audition for jobs they were casting on many occasions. 

So what am I saying here?  Well…I think perhaps the old saying about just getting one shout…may not be as true as we all thought!  You may think that everybody has a little black book where they write down the names of those who will forever be blacklisted!  It sounds so scary!  But truth be told, in most cases there really is no secret blacklist.  And although you may think you blew a major contact for the rest of your career….there’s a good chance that you didn’t!  I’ve been there many times…a bad session…a bad audition…a bad meeting.  Relax…it happens to everybody!  In my career spanning close to two decades I’ve only had one encounter that appeared to go very poorly and to be honest….it did.  And it never resolved itself.  But most of the time I find that as bad as a situation may seem…in reality it’s probably not that bad.  More importantly even if you do end up burning a bridge, remember that this is a big world.  There are so many bridges, roads, and trails to travel.  If one of them closes…find another way to get where you wanna go.    

We are all human beings.At some point we were just starting out on this amazing journey of being a voice actor or whatever business you work in.People grow, they develop, and get ready for it…they get better!Happens all the time.So the next time you think to yourself….”man I just blew the biggest opportunity of my life”…stay strong and keep your head up.You never know when that “burned opportunity” will come back to you in the form of a great job or relationship.We all make mistakes and have bad days.Don’t sweat it!Just keep on pushing and no matter what enjoy ride along the way.Because although I definitely believe you get more the one shot in life….you only get one shot AT Life.So keep on living!