So the other day I had what would probably be considered, “A bad day”.  Nothing earth shattering but ya know…just one of those days.  I don’t have too many of those but when they happen it can really throw me off my game.  I try not to let it do that but hey it happens to the best of us!

The biggest thing to realize is that everybody has bad days.  Doesn’t matter who you are, inevitably life throws you curve balls.  And there’s nothing you can do about that.  You can’t control it.  Try as you might…something always comes up!  As my dad always said…that’s why they call it “life”.  And I have to agree with him.  If every day was perfect they’d call it “perfecting” not living, hahaha.    

But I think that the really successful people in the world aren’t successful because they’re able to avoid bad days…they’re successful because they make things work on the bad days.  And that’s the key.  It’s easy to do well or be in a good mood when everything is going your way.  But learning how to deal with a bad day and bringing yourself back to neutral so you can tackle the problems and get over them….that’s a great skill to have. 

So what can you do to get through a bad day?  One thing I like to do is step away from the office.  Going for a short walk is a great stress reliever.  I might go pet my dog or cat for a bit.  I may even take my dog to the dog park which gets us both out of the house.  I may even watch silly videos on youtube or Instagram.  Hey, cat videos make me smile!  I may go shoot some basketball hoops or play some billiards.  Whatever it takes to bring me back to the normal Jeff zone…I do it. 

Once I’ve calmed down it helps to come up with a specific plan of action to solve the problem and stick to it.  I don’t like when I can’t get things fixed right away but unfortunately not everything can be fixed same day.  Some things take time.  Again out of my control…but how I react to it and deal with it…that’s IN my control! 

Another thing I try to do is stay organized with the day to day.  I try not to procrastinate.  In general, if a job or audition comes in I do it as soon as I can.  Even if the audition isn’t due until the next day, I record it at the first possible chance.  You never know what’s going to come up the next day.  I can’t control that…but I can control how efficiently I take care of whatever is on my plate at any given moment in time.  My mom used to always say, “Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today”.  That tip has really saved my butt on many occasions!!

Remember that no matter what happens in your life, there’s always someone dealing with something tougher.  This isn’t to say that your problems aren’t as challenging as someone else’s problems…but always try to keep things into perspective.  For example, if my washing machine breaks down it’s a bummer.  But let’s be honest…it’s a small speck on the scale of all the things that could be bad in my life, hahah

If I could some how hit the delete button for any bad thing that happened to me and then just move on I would!  Unfortunately, you can’t always just hit delete.  Life moves in mysterious ways.  For better or for worse.  Take care of yourself.  It’s ok to acknowledge when life is hard.  Sometimes you’re rolling around in the dirt and you can’t seem to pop up.  Other times you’re running so smoothly it feels like you’re flying!    Enjoy those times that you’re flying.  But also learn how to wipe off the dirt after rolling around for a while.  Pick yourself up, get cleaned off and find a way to get going again…hopefully you’ll be flying in no time!