I always find that when I go to a coffee shop to get some work done I’m much more productive then when I’m in my normal office setting.  It’s a strange phenomenon that I can’t explain but for whatever reason relaxing over some Chai Tea in a cool coffee shop brings out the creative juices in me!  

Just today I was able to get several hours worth of updating done to my website.  What’s interesting is that there’s probably a lot more distractions at the coffee shop then at home where I work most of the time.  People are having conversations, music is playing, there are pictures on the wall…there’s always something happening.  But it  doesn’t bother me.  Of course I can’t usually work at a coffee shop because I need to be in a recording studio when I’m doing actual VO work.  Aaaaah well.  Maybe I should ask my local coffee shop if I could set up a vocal booth there, hahah. 

Perhaps getting out of my normal surroundings has a positive affect on my brain.  Of course it’s hard to say I wanna get out of my very cozy home studio work environment.  I do love my office.  But still, sometimes we all need to get out of our “box” and see the world beyond our norm.