The power of the written word!  Whether it’s on a screen or an old school piece of paper…writing things down can have a magical effect on your goals! 

I’m pretty good about staying organized with the day to day things of my VO business and life in general.  But the big things…the goals I want to achieve or the things I know I need to get done….I sometimes find it hard to take action on those.  That said…when I write them down it somehow changes things.  It’s like I’ve inserted this “project” or “goal” into the machine of the future! 

Of course, you still have to take action with the things you’ve written down.  But I find that if I have a great idea about something and I don’t write it down, if often stays in the form of a great idea and never blossoms into anything beyond that. 

My brain functions in weird ways.  I might be walking through target or watching a tv show and all of a sudden, a great idea pops into my head!  Thankfully I can put it down in my memo notes on my phone.  Than when I get home, I add it to the jman “life list”.  I know if I don’t, I may forget because my brain malfunctions, lol.

Every few weeks I’ll open up this “life list” and go through it to see how I can tackle some big things.  Of course, there’s always gonna be several things on my life list that I have trouble taking care of.  They’re things I know I need to do, but just can’t seem to get a jump on’em.  But there they are…staring me in the face…quietly saying…get me done Jeff!

This past year I really made a dent on some big things I put on my life list.  There’s nothing more satisfying then being able to delete something off the list because I truly got it done! 

Focus is key.  Positivity is key.  Visualization is key.  When you write it down, you give yourself something too hook in to.  It may be one of the oldest tricks in the book.  But if you’re having trouble getting stuff done, I highly recommend that you simply, “write it down”.  This can really send you leaping forward in your VO career or any career.  It can also help you conquer big time life goals.  So when it doubt….just take a moment to write it down…and get it done!