Riding waves!  If you’ve ever experienced surfing you know that there’s nothing quite like the sensation of riding a wave.  Perhaps the dream of any surfer is to ride a wave that lasts forever!  Of course, everyone knows that no wave can last forever.  That said, a great surfer can extend their ride on a wave.  

Success in voice over and in business is lot like riding waves.  Sometimes you’re on this wave where you’re booking work left and right.  It seems like nothing can knock you off that wave!  And then of course other times it may seem like the water is flat.  It looks like there’s no good waves.  You’re in a slump! 

There will always be times when you’re riding high on a great wave and times where you’re not riding at all.  And that’s ok!  But the key goal for anybody…surfer, business owner, and of course voice over artist is to ride the wave of prosperity for as long as you can!  Which is why it’s so important to make sure then when you catch a great wave of voice over work you learn how to “tee off” to keep the ride going!

I’ve always been a firm believer that work in voice over should beget more work.  Perhaps not in the same way that an on camera actor can easily catch fire…it’s easier to stoke that fire because on camera actors are “seen”.  But with voice over people may not be as conscious that they are hearing your voice…even the people in the position of hiring you for a potential job.  But still it’s always interesting that when I book new voice over jobs it usually happens in strings.  I may have a streak where I book 3 or 4 spots within a 20 audition run!  And then of course you can always go countless auditions without booking.  I think part of the reason bookings come in sets is because when you book a job you are riding on that wave of confidence!  And it some how shows up when you audition for other jobs around the same time.

The biggest thing to avoid is relaxing too much when you’re in the “zone” and booking a lot.  It can happen to the best of us.  But the key to riding that endless wave…is to never get too comfortable!  You have to always stay hungry and keep things edgy.  Always be thinking outside the box.  You may not be able to ride an endless wave, but you can certainly extend your ride.  At the very least you can really mitigate the lulls in between waves of work.  Keep yourself busy.  Wave riding is a continues effort.  One wrong move and you might fall off your board.  Keep auditioning, keep practicing, keep yourself on the minds of buyers.

If you do fall off a great wave…don’t sweat it!  Get back on your board and paddle hard for the next one.  The harder you work the luckier you get!  It’s up to you to stay focused and stay positive.  Positive energy is key.  If you hang out with someone who has negative energy…hang out with them less.  If you see a lot of negative postings on social media, try not to read those as much.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of what’s happening around you, but don’t let that negative energy suck you in to a negative world!

As my dad always told me when I was kid, being able to adapt to change is important.  I’ve never been a fan of change.  But he was right…if you can roll with the punches you’ll have a much easier time in life and in business.  Wave patterns change all the time.  If you can adapt with those patterns, you’ll have a much better shot at the long ride…or any ride for that matter! 

So get out there and paddle hard!  Find a great wave and ride it as long as you can.  You may get knocked down.  You’ll definitely get wet.  You’ll definitely get tired.  But keep getting back on that board.  Catch that wave…and keep riding it!