Aaaah communication!  It’s so vital to the world.  And in business it’s what puts the dance in your boogie!  The mojo in your yo Joe!  The cream in your icecream!  Ok so maybe that last one went a little too far.  But seriously if clients know they can always count on you it’s amazing how much more likely they are to want to do business with you over and over.

Recently I updated my hvac in my house.  The contractor I ended up going with wasn’t necessarily the cheapest.  His pricing was fair but more importantly his level of communication was spot on.  When I texted him, he got back to me quickly.  When he came by to give me a quote, he showed up early.  When I had questions upon questions…he had answers upon answers!  Yes indeed my contractor was so good at communicating that he felt more like a reliable friend.  And to top it all off the quality of his work was nothing short of perfection.

But what is it about communication that really helps to add value to your business?  Simply put…great communication puts people at ease.  It’s about never leaving your clients hanging.  Never making them wonder if you got their message.  When I get an audition from my agents I fire back with my mp3 as quickly as possible.  When I’m asked about my schedule for a potential job, I’m like an echo to the request…another words I’m bouncing right back at ya with lightning speed!  And when it comes time for the job I’m always ready to rock and roll way before the actual session time.

Several years ago I used to do regular sessions at Buzzy’s recording studio for HGTV’s “My First Place”.  The head of the office Allana was always so nice to me whenever I came in for a session.  Like clock work I always showed up about 15-20 minutes early.  I did that show for about 4 years.  One day I got a frantic voice mail from Allana saying “Hey Jeffrey just wanted to call you and check in.  We had you down for a session at 2pm.  We just wanna make sure you’re ok and that nothing bad happened to you”.  Though this sounds serious I had to laugh.  When I called Allana to check in…it turns out that there was a mix up in scheduling and I had been scheduled for a session I didn’t know about.  When I spoke with Allana  she said “Jeff you’re always early so when you didn’t show up we all thought something bad had happened to you”.  We both laughed it off together.  But if your client thinks your so reliable that when you’re late something bad probably happened to you…I think it’s safe to say you’re someone people can count on!

First class communication is absolutely one of the keys to success.  So get out there and show your clients that you’ll be there no matter what.  Your clients will love you for it and as a result they’ll enjoy coming back to do business with you over and over!